Mortal Kombat Director Reveals PlayStation Character That Was Almost a DLC Fighter

Mortal Kombat creative director Ed Boon has revealed a PlayStation character was almost a guest DLC character on more than one occasion. More specifically and taking to Twitter, Ed Boon -- the co-creator of the series and current creative director -- revealed that Twisted Metal character Sweet Tooth has been "DAMN close to being a guest character." Now, it's unclear if this is true with Mortal Kombat 11 as Boon doesn't name specific installments, but you'd imagine most of these "DAMN close" moments came back when the series was more popular and active.

Unfortunately, this is all Boon reveals. It's unclear why Sweeth Tooth has been so close to joining the Mortal Kombat universe on more than one occasion, only to be cut at what sounds like the last second. That said, while it's unclear what prevented the crossover, it does suggest that Sweet Tooth is up there near the top of characters NetherRealm Studios wants to add, and this is where things get interesting. 

According to rumors, NetherRealm Studios isn't working on Injustice 3 like many assumed, but Mortal Kombat 12. If this is true, MK12 should only be a couple of years away at maximum. Meanwhile, we know Sony TV and PlayStation Productions are working on a Twisted Metal TV show and rumors are a new Twisted Metal game is releasing in 2023. In other words, the stars may be aligning for Sweet Tooth to finally join Mortal Kombat.

As always, feel free to hit the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Would you like to see Sweet Tooth in Mortal Kombat or did NetherRealm Studios miss their opportunity at adding the deranged clown? Meanwhile, for more coverage on all things Mortal Kombat -- including all of the latest news, rumors, and leaks -- click here.