MultiVersus Leaks Reveal New Space Jam, DC Skins

MultiVersus continues to be quite the leaky game with several more skins for different fighters spotted online recently. We've already seen some of the skins supposedly set to be released for characters like Rick Sanchez, and this time, our latest preview shows off cosmetics for characters such as LeBron James, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, and more. Some of the leaked skins for fighters are like the ones for Rick that serve as callbacks to specific moments from shows while others are DC and Space Jam references for the fighters associated with those properties.

One of the leaks spotted most recently included a first look at a skin apparently planned for LeBron James, the athlete who made his way into the game thanks to Space Jam: A New Legacy. The skin is called "Sheriff LeBron," it seems, and was inadvertently revealed during a Twitch stream focused on MultiVersus before being captured by Twitter user multiversusie. It shows LeBron dressed as the DC hero and Batman sidekick Robin just as he did in the Space Jam movie.

Beyond that, a number of skins were shared by fellow Twitter user AisulMV showed off alternate looks for Jake from Adventure Time as well as a skin for Wonder Woman where she was wearing full gold attire. Both Bugs Bunny and Taz were shown wearing their Toon Squad outfits while Arya Stark was also pictured having a different skin. All of those images showing the skins were struck from Twitter as a result of a copyright infraction, but they've since been reshared elsewhere like in the game's subreddit for those who still want to see them.

For those who are just now starting out with MultiVersus given that it only just recently kicked of its open beta phase, you'll have plenty of time to try out these new fighters and see which ones click before investing in any of these skins since the cosmetics haven't even been confirmed at this time. MultiVersus developer Player First Games also recently confirmed that progress for characters not yet unlocked won't be reset after they're removed from the free rotation, so you can try out different fighters as you wish without having to worry about losing progress on ones you don't technically own while you experiment.