NBA 2K19 Story Mode Features 'Avengers', 'Bob's Burgers' Stars

A new trailer for NBA 2K19’s MyCAREER mode shows off a host of celebrity appearances in the [...]

A new trailer for NBA 2K19's MyCAREER mode shows off a host of celebrity appearances in the game's story mode that features actors from movies and shows like the Avengers films, The Sixth Sense, and Bob's Burgers.

The MyCAREER mode is NBA 2K19's version of a story mode that takes players through the career of their player as he plays overseas while dealing with newfound attention the other players. Before the player can take part in the NBA, they first have to find success in the Chinese Basketball League. Doing well there eventually nets players an invitation to come back State-side for an opportunity to play in the G League where a spot within the NBA will eventually open up later on in the MyCAREER mode.

NBA 2K19's trailer for the game mode shown above previews just some of the characters that you'll meet in this story mode along with the stars that voice them. While it reveals the voice actors for the characters later on in the trailer you might already have picked up on some of the recognizable voices and put names to them. Anthony Mackie who played Sam Wilson and Falcon in Marvel's Avengers and Captain America movies voices one of the main characters in the story mode alongside Rob Huebel who voiced various Bob's Burgers characters such as Zach the Lifeguard from the "Boywatch" episode. Others such as Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense and Silicon Valley also make an appearance alongside other characters that have yet to be revealed.

To play the first chapter of the MyCAREER mode, you won't even have to wait until the game launches in September. On August 31, an option will be made available for players to download the Prelude and play through the first chapter of "The Way Back," the name for the player's story in the career mode that's featured in the trailer. The first episode can be played for free, so you don't even have to commit to buying the whole game before playing through the opening scenes of the MyCAREER mode.

NBA 2K19 is scheduled to launch on September 11, but the Anniversary Edition that comes with more in-game content can be played four days earlier on September 7.