NBA 2K24 MyTeam Removes Auction House, Introduces Big Changes To Rewards

NBA 2K24 is replacing the MyTeam Auction House with a new player market controlled entirely by 2K.

NBA 2K24's launch is just a few short weeks away. The team at 2K Games has slowly been peeling back the curtain on what fans can expect, but today we finally got our first real look at one of the most-played modes in the game MyTeam. The card-collecting mode is, along with MyCareer, the go-to mode for most players and 2K has announced several massive changes that could shake the foundations of the mode in several ways. The biggest change coming to NBA 2K24 is that 2K is getting rid of the Auction House and moving things to a new Player Market.

That's far from the only change coming to MyTeam though, 2K has also implemented a complete overhaul of XP works, which will make it possible for players to progress across both MyTeam and MyCareer at the same time. On top of that, the Token market is getting a total rework and NBA 2K24 sees a re-introduction of sorts for a Salary Cap mode. Technically, we've seen Salary Cap modes in the past, but this one seems to be almost completely brand-new and should make for a fun way to hop into online play. Finally, the team has made an update to how coach boosts work, making them much more potent. It's a lot to get into, so let's begin with the NBA 2K24 Player Market.

How Will the Player Market Work in NBA 2K24?

In the past, the Auction House was a way for players to buy and sell cards on the open market. One drawback to this was that many players were using the market to illegally buy and sell coins for real money. The new Player Market should completely cut that out, while also giving 2K the opportunity to make high-end cards easier to obtain. Now, you'll buy and sell your cards directly from 2K, meaning the developers set the prices. You'll also now be able to buy MyTeam Points (MTP) outright for the first time ever, taking out the middleman that was Virtual Currency.

Obviously, if 2K is setting the prices for everything, there's the chance that the price to be competitive within the mode could go through the roof. After all, last year we saw cards like Invincible Victor Wembanyama sell for $50 from 2K's controlled marketplace. That said, 2K is saying that Quick Sell prices will now go up and that MTP rewards from playing are going up, so it's possible that it won't be the wasteland many might predict when they first see the news. Unfortunately, at this point, the Player Market is very much a "wait-and-see" thing as we just don't know how 2K is going to price things.

It's also important to note that 2K is making some changes to Packs as well. Most importantly, you'll now see more Equal Chance and Option Packs, giving you a better chance at a top-end player. Plus, the team is introducing a Prime Box that guarantees a high-overall card and a Hall of Fame badge. 2K is also saying that cards will have their prices decrease over time, starting three weeks after they were originally released. Plus, the Token Market has now been given a twist. Tokens will now only be good for a single season, meaning you'll need to use them on that season's players before they go away for good.

How Is XP Changing in NBA 2K24 MyTeam?

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As mentioned above, 2K is making it possible for players to grind XP in MyCareer and MyTeam at the same time this year. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg because MyTeam is completely changing how you get XP. In the past, you would need to complete Agenda challenges to get XP, but now you just need to play the game. Every game you play will give you XP, clearing the way for you to play the mode you want with the players you love. There will be Agendas that let you earn rewards, but you'll get XP no matter what.

Speaking of rewards, 2K recently announced that there will be paid versions of the season pass this year. Today, we learned that the Level 40 reward for the free pass is a Diamond version of Kyrie Irving and the paid Level 40 reward is that same Irving with new player art. If that continues throughout the game's life cycle, the paid battle pass might not give that big of an advantage, making it something you won't feel like you have to get. However, we'll have to wait and see if that's the case when the game launches. If you want the full list of rewards, including the Diamond Brandon Roy which sounds very tough to get, make sure to check the full dev blog.

How Will Salary Cap Mode Work in NBA 2K24?

Salary Cap mode is back in NBA 2K24, but it has some important changes. Essentially, the game mode will require you to put together a lineup using a specific salary cap and then compete in two-week rounds to try and get rewards. Salaries will fluctuate based on how often they're used by other players, making it something you'll need to constantly monitor and work around.

Plus, the Salary Cap will use a two-half setup. First, you'll play a normal six-minute half and then you'll take whichever is the higher score, add 24 to it, and try to be the first to reach that number. It should make for a faster-paced game, while still giving players the more sim-like gameplay they get in Unlimited. It's also worth noting that this mode is essentially replacing Draft and Limited, as those two modes have been retired this year.

What Are the Changes to Coach Boosts in NBA 2K24?

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While the dev blog includes information about things like the Shattered Prizes that you'll earn by finding hidden pieces across MyTeam, the final big thing announced by 2K is the changes to coach boosts in NBA 2K24. This year, each coach gets their own boost that needs to be triggered by completing a specific event. One example the team shared was the Amethyst Kobe Bryant coach card you'll get from finishing Mamba Moments. With this coach equipped, all of your players will get their Blinders upgraded to at least Gold during the 4th quarter. Other coaches will ask you to complete certain goals to unlock their bonuses, which could be even more powerful for your squad.

NBA 2K24 is out on September 8 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Remember to check out the full NBA 2K24 dev blog if you want even more information.