NBA 2K24 MyNBA Brings a New Era and Streamlined Options for Rookie Players

NBA 2K24 MyNBA lets fans redo Lebron James' The Decision in its latest Era.

In NBA 2K23, developer Visual Concepts introduced the Eras feature to MyNBA, the series answer to the popular franchise mode seen in most modern sports games. With Eras though, Visual Concepts did something different, letting players dig into the last 40 years of NBA history to replay all of their favorite moments. It was one of the more substantial additions players have seen to a franchise-like mode since card-collecting modes became popular, which is why Eras was such a hit for 2K23. With NBA 2K24, the team is going back to the well to deliver a brand-new Era, while also introducing key improvements and even giving rookie users a streamlined option that cuts out a lot of the complexity that's crept into the mode over the years.

NBA 2K24's new Era drops players in the summer of 2010. LeBron James had just announced his "Decision" to take his talents to South Beach, making the Miami Heat one of the greatest collections of talent we'd seen to that point. This new Era lets you jump in and either try to take the Heatles down or get LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh the six+ championships they promised in that famous press conference. Unfortunately, the mode still can't go further back than 1983, so old-head players will need to wait at least one more year to realize their dreams of jumping back and playing as the 60s Boston Celtics.

(Photo: 2K Sports)

Of course, that one Era is far from the only thing coming to MyNBA. We're also getting several visual updates that will improve the mode's realism. For example, players will now automatically age their in-game models, meaning you'll be able to see the "Frobe" version of Kobe Bryant transform into the clean-shaven Mamba most remember him as. The team has also added Era-specific warm-ups and even changed the news section to fit the Era, meaning you'll see newspapers instead of websites when you're playing in the 80s.

On top of all this, Visual Concepts is also adding new user breakdowns in MyNBA Online, which will let Admins dole out powers to specific players. That means you can be selected as the person in your save that tunes gameplay or designs new jerseys, while not taking any power away from the Admin. There's also a new streamlined version of the mode called MyNBA Lite, which cuts out a lot of the fluff and lets players get straight to drafting, trading, and winning.

Alongside the MyNBA announcements, Visual Concepts also announced changes for The W. NBA 2K24's WNBA-focused mode will now give players the choice between two different paths to stardom, either coming out as the #1 pick in the draft or coming from overseas as an unknown superstar. Regardless of the direction you take, you'll then be put up against the best players in the league at your position as you try to become a champion. The idea here is to give your rise to stardom a bit more personality.

NBA 2K24 is due out on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC platforms on September 8.