Netflix Adds New Witcher Content to Celebrate Nightmare of the Wolf Anniversary

Netflix expanded its growing collection of The Witcher content this week by adding a few more extras stemming off of its flagship live-action series, The Witcher, as well as the anime film Nightmare of the Wolf. The latter is celebrating its first anniversary this week following the release of the movie on August 23, 2021, and for those who either saw it then or are ready for a rewatch a year later, you've got an encyclopedia of monsters and other beasts waiting on your now to help guide you through the movie.

The new Netflix content doesn't come in the form of new episodes or commentary but was instead delivered via new bestiary resources added to the streaming platform. Netflix said this week that it's added two new programs to its Witcher landing page with one of those being the The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Bestiary.

"Dig into the dark mythological origins of the many monsters – manticores, wraiths, werewolves and more – stalking 'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf,'" Netflix said about this new special.

Werewolves and whatnot aren't new to The Witcher and its various spinoffs by any means, but like other creatures found within Nightmare of the Wolf and elsewhere, they might operate on different "rules" or have different places in the franchise's universe. As such, bestiaries like this are helpful in understanding the dangers of and dispositions towards different creatures found in the various Witcher releases.

Alongside this came the bestiary for Season 2 of The Witcher. If you think that sounds familiar, you'd be correct – the bestiary for this second season was first released in February 2022 when it was added to the YouTube channel dedicated solely to Netflix's Witcher content. That's the only place it's been available until now, however, with the bestiary now added to the Netflix platform itself alongside the rest of the supplemental Witcher content. The bestiary for Nightmare of the Wolf is totally new though and is not a reupload.

Capping off all of this was the artwork seen above that houses all of the released Witcher properties in one image. Not included here (because they haven't released yet) are the future spin-offs The Witcher: Blood Origin as well as another anime film and the third season of The Witcher. Separate from Netflix's Witcher endeavors, there's also another game on the way.