The Witcher 4 Creators Share Development Update

On top of an already big day for acclaimed franchises like PlayStation's God of War and Horizon games, The Witcher fans got an update from CD Projekt about the next game in the series. The creators of The Witcher games said that The Witcher 4 (it doesn't have a name yet, so that's the best anyone's got) has left the research phase of development and has now entered pre-production. That doesn't mean that it's anywhere close to being done, but it's welcome news for those who are looking forward to the first chapter in the next saga.

News on the next Witcher game was shared during CD Projekt's most recent discussion with investors and was supplemented with a blog post shared not long afterwards talking about the plans for The Witcher.

"We are very eager to revisit the universe which has shaped our history to such an extent," CD Projekt's joint CEO Adam Kiciński said in comments reshared within the post. "We have recently concluded the research phase for the first game in the new Witcher saga, which means that from now on further development expenditures will be capitalized on our balance sheet."

In addition to those comments, CFO Piotr Nielubowicz spoke in the video below which includes English subtitles and confirms that the next Witcher game has entered the pre-production stage.

"The second important event was our announcement that we are working on a new Witcher saga," Nielubowicz said. "We have recently wrapped up research phase, which means the project has now progressed to pre-production and we've begun to capitalize development expenses related to this new game."

Since the reveal of the next Witcher game, CD Projekt has only spoken about the project sporadically. One of those times included the creators addressing theories about the medallion used in the first promo for the new game while another instance saw the creators confirming who would be heading up the development of this next Witcher project.

In addition to this next Witcher game, there's also the next season of Netflix's The Witcher to look forward to. Details about Season 3 have been hinted at or leaked online periodically while that season is worked on, but not much is know about it in any official capacity.