Netflix's 'The Witcher' Series Details Potentially Revealed With New Casting Information

While we know who our main cast is for the upcoming The Witcher Netflix adaptation, news about the [...]

While we know who our main cast is for the upcoming The Witcher Netflix adaptation, news about the narrative or even where they are at production-wise continues to be mum. Though showrunner Lauren Hissrich has been absolutely adorable with all of her teasers, it was actually a fan that stumbled upon potential casting news for the new show.

Extras casting: dwarves, men with no limbs and blacksmiths from r/netflixwitcher

A recent post over on reddit reveals that the Netflix team could be looking to grow its cast even more -- this time for dwarves. The Hungarian casting agency's original post can be found here and though it doesn't list The Witcher series by name, the shoe fits quite nicely.

According to the OP, "There have been three separate posts about casting little people for filming that's about to take place on February 8th. The date has been shifting as in the beginning it was only mentioned as "January/February". Here are the posts as translated by Google. Makes sense because little people are more difficlut to find, so searching in advance is the reasonable decision."

  • November 11: "We're looking for a fantasy series of people talking English. Casting now end of November / early December. Filming 2019 January or February."
  • January 8: "By February 18th, we're looking for men's little men for Monday, Fantasy Series. Only with all day youuu! "
  • January 21: "By February 8th, we're looking for little people for a fantasy series on Friday! The makeup and clothing branch with beards and costumes makes you look like gimli from the take, or like thorin from the hobbit! All day busy!"

Also according to the post, they are actively looking for actors that are missing limbs. Given that the show is based off of The Witcher series, it's not hard to see that as a casting call. Given that the showrunner herself even teased a castle seen, 'GraveMaster7' mentioned that it's likely that this casting could be for the Cintra massacre.

The Witcher Netflix series is currently without a release date, though it is slated for some point this year. For more details on the upcoming series, you can check out our Show Hub right here.

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