New 7 Wonders Game Revealed

7 Wonders fans have a reason to be excited today, as Asmodee and Repos Production have revealed the newest standalone game in the series, 7 Wonders: Architects. 7 Wonders: Architects focuses on accessibility, and features streamlined gameplay and an easy to grasp ruleset that tasks you with creating some of the worlds greatest wonders. The game, which accommodates 2 to 7 players, is a perfect entry point not just into the franchise but board gaming as a whole, and each game only lasts around 25 minutes. 7 Wonders: Architects is scheduled to hit stores this fall, and will retail for $49.99. You can check out some images of it in action below.

In 7 Wonders: Architects you and up to 7 players will compete to become a leader of the Ancient World by completing architectural wonders, which you'll create with resources through a variety of methods. You'll need to use those resources to build your society, ramp up your military might, and utilizes that military in various conflicts, research innovations in science, and ultimately collect civil victory points.

(Photo: Asmodee)

You'll then start assembling your Anicnet Wonder on the table in true to life scale, and the game offers an experience suited for families and new and longtime players alike.

"As I get older, I play more games with my family than a gaming group. This got me thinking about games that are welcoming to newcomers and can be enjoyed by friends and families," Antoine Bauza, the creator of the 7 Wonders franchise, said. "7 Wonders: Architects is built around the idea that games can be enjoyed by anyone, even players who are new to the hobby. Games like 7 Wonders Architects are perfect for introducing more people to our hobby and I look forward to welcoming a new generation of board game enthusiasts."

(Photo: Asmodee)

You can find the official description for 7 Wonders: Architects below.

"7 Wonders: Architects empowers up to seven players to race to become a leader of the Ancient World by completing an architectural wonder that will last through the ages. Players receive an unconstructed Wonder at the beginning of the game, and must collect resources to build their society, develop military might to navigate conflicts, oversee resource management, research science improvements, and collect civil victory points as they race to leave their mark on World History. Each game of 7 Wonders: Architects is unique as players deploy different strategies to win, giving the game high replay value and allowing fans of the 7 Wonders franchise to easily bring friends and family into the fold. The rules have been re-imagined from the ground-up with family gameplay in mind, making for a quicker, easier to understand and more family-friendly experience."

(Photo: Asmodee)

Asmodee will spotlight 7 Wonders: Architects in a live stream on Friday, September 16th at 11 AM PT, and that stream will include an unboxing and playthrough of the game.


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