New Job Posting Further Hints at Diablo 2 HD

diablo ii
(Photo: Blizzard)

Last week there were rumors circulating about Diablo 2 HD after a job listing seemed to hint that the project was under way. Today, PC Gamer is reporting a new job listing (via PCGamesN) that would appear to confirm that this is in fact happening. The listing is for a role as a "UI / UX Visual Designer" at Classic Games in Irvine, CA. The listing states the following:

"Classic Games is looking for a renaissance designer to harmonize that which was, with that which will be. Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo await your machinations. If you have the desire to rise to that challenge, we’d love to hear from you."

That seems pretty conclusive to us, though obviously nothing has been officially confirmed. When taken with last week's listing, however, it's hard not to get our hopes up. The original posting was for a position at Blzizard, calling for a "Lead Software Engineer, Engine" position. The listing stated the following:

"Compelling stories. Intense multiplayer. Endless replayability. Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation.


"We're restoring them to glory, and we need your engineering talents, your passion, and your ability to get tough jobs done."

In the same post, under job responsibilities, it's stated that the cadidate should "implement, maintain, and own infrastructure for the Diablo franchise." Well that's that. Blizzard can stay as tight-lipped as they want to, but we know that Diablo 2 HD is on the way. Starcraft HD already got fans riled up and ready for more retro remasters, and Diablo 2 is a game that still has so much to offer, especially since a large bulk of Diablo fans were unhappy with the direction taken with Diablo 3. We truly did want more of the same and, soon, we may get it.