New 'Kingdom Hearts 3' Trailer, Box Art Revealed

Square Enix made a promise that a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer would be dropping today -- and that’s exactly what we got.

A new trailer has appeared online, featuring some extended action within the world of Big Hero 6, including the full group of characters fighting alongside the heroes from the Kingdom Hearts universe.

And thus far, the footage is very promising, as Sora teams up with Baymax on a number of occasions, first to fend off against various enemies, then riding on his back for what appears to be some kind of shooting sequence. We also get a peek at Sora’s ability to transform with a special magic attack, as well as special speed challenges through pre-set rings within the world of San Fransokyo.

The group also stops to do some chatting for a bit, but the translated version of the trailer hasn’t arrived yet, so we can’t quite make out what they’re saying just yet.

Then we see some of the other Disney worlds that will be included in the game, including Tangled (with an appearance by Rapunzel), as well as Pirates of the Caribbean (with Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones) and Frozen (featuring Anna chatting with Sora in the wintery forest).

Other characters make an appearance as well, including Goofy, Mickey, Donald and other characters from the Kingdom Hearts universe, before we whisk back into the game’s worlds, including what appears to be a mighty battle against the Kraken from Pirates.

There’s also some new gameplay, including Sora effectively utilizing his Keyblade and battling against even more enemies with the help of his friends.

The game is looking really good at this point -- but that’s not all. We also got a first glimpse at the official box art for the game, which you can see below.

Kingdom Hearts

As you can see, the box art features Sora and company looking out across a dazzling sky, ready for whatever danger gets in their way next.


Square Enix will likely have an official translated trailer for us very shortly, so we’ll post that as soon as it becomes available. But, yeah, it looks like this could be the biggest -- and best -- Kingdom Hearts game to date!

Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 25, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.