Gorgeous New Ni No Kuni II Trailer Has Fans Worried About Another Delay


The upcoming Ni No Kuni II game looks visually stunning and true to what fans love about the franchise. There's no denying that the latest title on the way has a lot of fanfare surrounding its release, which makes the subject of the latest trailer very interesting. The newest video is fantastic, but what makes it raise some eyebrows is the ending.

The title, as of right now, is slated for a January 19, 2018 release. It has already seen a few delays throughout the course of its progression, and the vague "coming 2018" tacked onto the end of the trailer had a lot of fans worried that another delay will hinder that January drop date.

There hasn't been an official announcement regarding a delay from Bandai Namco, but the concerns raised by the trailer were taken to another level when fans reported the status of their pre-orders. Many players took to popular gaming community sites like ResetEra to report emails about their pre-roders listing a new date: March 9th.

What's interesting though, is that many of those same players are stating that they received an addendum to the first message with the original January date. So whether these two instances are entirely coincidental and the trailer just made a glaring "oopsie," remains to be seen. Until Bandai confirms an official delay notice, there is no reason to panic just yet. Even if the delay proves to be true down the lie, it is a small one in the bigger picture.


For now, Ni No Kuni II is slated for a January 19th, 2018 release date.