New World Update 1.6.2 Released, Patch Notes Revealed

New World has gotten its 1.6.2 update and a pretty healthy list of patch notes have been revealed as a result. New World is one of the biggest MMOs out there right now and is Amazon's first truly successful video games. The tech giant entered the gaming space not too long ago, but had a rough start with games like Crucible which shut down just months after releasing. It was a pretty notable stain on the tech giant's name, but New World made the industry realize that Amazon had what it took to actually release a major video game and it has been trying to sustain that since it launched. With consistent updates, the game is doing a good job of trying to appease its fan base.

In the latest update, New World has received a bunch of new fixes to help improve some of the issues that have been plaguing the game in recent weeks and months. It also includes new content, such as the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition, something that will hopefully give fans something to chew on for a bit. You can view the full list of patch notes down below.


  • Barnacles & Black Powder

    • Ahoy, matey! The brand new Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition and the new Mutation set are now available! Swing by Cutlass Keys to start your next exciting adventure.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused PvP Arenas and other modes to count toward Expedition run limits.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Open World combat music to override Expedition music.


  • Notable Fixes

    • Fixed a handful of rare server crashes and errors.

    • Fixed an issue that caused World Transfer conditions to falsely report as not met. Players should now be able to use World Transfer tokens if all conditions are truly met.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Hidden Stashes to drop under certain circumstances. They are intended to be on hiatus and should not appear during the Summer event.

    • Added a speculative fix for an issue that caused far away players and objects to appear frozen. We will continue to monitor the forums to see if players are still encountering this issue after the update.

    • Both World and Regional transfers now have a 3-day (72 hour) cooldown after use. We will continue to monitor the results of this change to see if further adjustments are necessary.


  • Trading Post

    • Fixed a visual issue impacting Music Sheet description text within the Buy panel of the Trading Post.

  • QoL

    • Improved visual polish for the Song Selection menu during a Musical Performance.

  • In-Game Store

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the color of the Divine Vengeance weapon skin from showing accurately. The store preview will now match the weapon skin's true color.

  • Notable Fixes

    • Improved confirmation messages when rebinding keys to the space bar.

    Are you going to check out the new update to New World? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.