Nicki Minaj Announces Chun-Li Single, Internet Goes Crazy

Hip-hop star Nicki Minaj teased fans with a preview of her upcoming single “Chun-Li” in a tweet that’s spawned all sorts of reactions and even some fan art.

Minaj tweeted yesterday that she’d be dropping the new Street Fighter-inspired song on Thursday at 10 a.m. PST when the song would be available to listeners everywhere. It’s hard to say exactly how much the song will actually have to do with Chun-Li, the first female character to join the Street Fighter series, so we’ll have to wait until the song is released to hear how the references to the fighter are handled.

Since Minaj posted the promo art for her upcoming single that’s coming soon alongside another single called “Barbie Tingz,” it’s been made clear that not everyone knew who Chun-Li was. While any Street Fighter player can probably tell you all about the fighter, her gameplay, and maybe even her backstory, it’s understandable that these two entertainment sectors may not always overlap. Though there has already been some talk about appropriating cultures, some who are just now learning about Chun-Li for the first time are all for seeing Minaj’s next song named after the Street Fighter character.


The reveal of the upcoming single has even prompted some to wonder what Minaj would look like if she went beyond the hair buns and went full Chun-Li. Bosslogic, the content creator and artist famous for reimagined pop culture icons in different ways, took a shot at fully turning Minaj into Chun-Li, spiked bracelets and all. The artist seemed to have noticed some of the questions that spawned from her single announcement as well by wondering how many people had to Google “Chun-Li” to see what Minaj was talking about.

Minaj’s “Chun-Li” single along with “Barbie Tingz” should be dropping tomorrow at the times mentioned above, so be on the lookout for them soon to see just how knowledgable Minaj is when it comes to Street Fighter. It’s presumed that the two songs will be part of a full album that’ll come later, though that album and an album name have not yet been confirmed.