Nier: Automata Secret Actually Just Very Impressive Mod

The Nier: Automata community was recently set abuzz by the prospect of some previously undiscovered content in the game found by one person who sought help from other players. A player said that they'd found a church and started asking the community questions about it, though the questions stumped others who said that they'd never seen this content at all. People suspected this might've been a mod or some sort of elaborate trick played on the community, and recent revelations show that it was a bit of both with the initial player revealing that this was a detailed mod created by a trio of modders.

A Redditor by the name of sadfutago is the one who kicked off the whole Nier: Automata discussion this week within the game's subreddit. They showed footage from an unknown area of the game which led others to try and replicate the process and access the same portion of Nier: Automata to no avail. People suggested that this was a mod while modders insisted that it wasn't possible (or didn't seem to be anyway) due to the detail put into the creation and the fact that it seemed to exceed the capabilities of what we'd seen modders create for the game in the past.

The Redditor was continuously pressed for more info and provided additional footage to accommodate the requests, but over time, players grew more skeptical. To cap off the week, the Redditor finally updated their bio on the social site with a link to a Twitch channel wherein they came clean and said that this was indeed an elaborate mod. The map was designed by DevolasRevenge, the Blender tools by Woeful_Wolf, and the scripting tools by RaiderB.

A message shared during the Twitch stream thanked people for their patience and said more tools will be released soon so that others can create things like this.

"Over the following days we'll be releasing the new Blender addons and scripting tools," the user said. "Completely open source. We have so much more in store for you. DevolasRevenge will release the mod files if you'd like to finally enter the church yourself. Keep an eye out for more."

The stream also included an apology for misleading people and said that the goal was for a cut content or secret area angle, not necessarily an ARG which was how some interpreted this whole bit.