Rumor: Ninja Theory's Next Project Is A Co-op Sci-Fi Game Releasing in 2020

(Photo: Ninja Theory)

According to a newly surfaced leak/rumor, the next game from Ninja Theory -- the developer of Hellblade, Heavenly Sword, and DmC: Devil May Cry that was recently acquired by Microsoft -- is a four-player co-op Sci-fi game that will release in early 2020. The leaker notes the game is story-focused, with combat that is all about melee -- so similar to many of Ninja Theory's previous games. Further, being a four-player co-op game, each player can pick different unique abilities that will influence their combat style.

The leak also claims there will be 18 levels across six unique locations, with each location offering up three levels and about 90 minutes of play time. In other words, the game will take about nine hours. Each location will supposedly end in a boss fight that is described as being similar to the newest God of War.

As for the game's story, it takes place across multiple different planets and follows characters who have left Earth -- which has been invaded by an alien race -- to hunt down the creatures responsible for the invasion. Each planet that is explored has also been invaded by said alien race.

The game is using the same engine as Hellblade -- Unreal Engine 4 -- but is described as faster-paced. Interestingly, it has apparently been in development for six years in some shape or form, making it the studio's longest developed title.

Of course, all anonymous leaks like this should be taken with a couple grains of salt. There's nothing provided to back-up the claims, meaning there's a solid a chance that some/all of this is incorrect or fake.

That said, Ninja Theory is slated to reveal its new game at E3 this June, so we don't have to wait very long to find out if this leak is valid or not.

Thanks, ResetEra.



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