Ninja Calls Out Casual Gamers

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is one of the biggest gaming personalities to ever walk the earth. Alongside the meteoric rise of Fortnite, the Detroit-born streamer has shot to the top of the gaming and streaming world over the past couple of years. Along the way, he traded Twitch for Mixer as part of a big money deal with Microsoft, streamed Fortnite with Drake, and even did a collaboration with Adidas. He's been everywhere, and his sphere of influence has grown way beyond games. That said, along the way, he's also found himself in a few mild controversies and the subject of criticism for his takes on stream and social media.

Taking to Twitter, the popular streamer provided another example of the latter, noting that the saying "it's just a game" is a "weak mindset." According to Blevins, once you stop getting angry for losing, you've lost twice. In other words, you should never settle and ignore the opportunity to learn something.

As you would expect, this Tweet attracted some serious attention, criticism, support, and some confusion, like any tweet worth a damn does.


Judging by the reaction to the tweet, Ninja appears to be in the minority on this one, but this isn't the first time the streamer has suggested this. In fact, in the past he suggested that anyone who has ever used the excuse is a horrible human being and lazy.

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