Nintendo Makes Among Us Free to Try for a Week

Nintendo occasionally runs trial events to give people previews of different games, and it’s [...]

Nintendo occasionally runs trial events to give people previews of different games, and it's doing so again with one of the biggest games of the past year: Among Us. Though the game came out earlier than last year, it only just recently came to the Nintendo Switch after a resurgence in popularity. The Switch is also the only console to have it right now since it hasn't come to the Xbox nor the PlayStation platforms just yet, so if you haven't tried the console version of Among Us, you'll soon be able to at no cost.

The Among Us trial is scheduled to start on July 21st at 10 a.m. PT, Nintendo announced. Ahead of that event, you're able to pre-download the game if you wish to have it ready to go whenever the free trial starts. The only caveat with this offer is that you have to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to get the trial, though you would've had to have that online subscription anyway if you wanted to play the game with others online.

The game itself is also going on sale during this event for those who want to add it to their libraries permanently since the free trial period ends on July 27th. That sale goes on for a bit longer until August 1st and takes 30% off the full price of the game. Among Us only costs $5 which isn't much anyway, but 30% is still a discount you wouldn't have gotten before.

If you've never played Among Us before or played it on the PC and not the Switch prior to the first console release, the game looks a bit different now compared the previous version after multiple updates. One of the most notable changes is that it now supports 15 players in lobbies, a relatively new feature released this summer. Along with that came more Crewmate colors since those were needed to accommodate the larger lobbies.

As for the rest of the console versions, we still don't know yet when those will be releasing. Developer InnerSloth has said on more than one occasion that it'll announce release dates when it can, but that hasn't happened yet. Pre-orders for physical versions of the game are up ahead of those eventual announcements, however.