Nintendo and LEGO Partner for Mario Products

Nintendo and LEGO appeared to have entered into a partnership to create some new products centered around the gaming company's iconic Super Mario franchise, according to a recent teaser. Nintendo shared a tweet with a brief video that showed what looks to be some sort of Mario figure with his signature question mark block animated on his chest and blocks beneath him like you'd find in a Mario game. It wasn't said what types of products the two would be working on, but given how much Mario has accomplished in his franchise, there are tons of possibilities for what this partnership could produce.

The teaser in question can be seen below, though there's not much to take from it aside from the exciting news about the partnership. We see Mario in his overalls and red shirt and just a hint of his mustache where the video cuts off at the top. There's another question mark block beneath him that's surrounded by the basic bricks Mario can smash, but that's about all there is to see.

It shows Mario first since he's by far Nintendo's most recognizable character, but the Super Mario aspect of the partnership is what opens this up to so many possibilities. We could see entire LEGO sets of the Mushroom Kingdom complete with some of its most famous inhabitants as well as grand structures based on Peach's Castle, Bowser's Castle, or other landmarks. There are tons of figures to be had as well.

For those wondering why the announcement is happening now as opposed to any other day, it's because today is Mario Day – or "MAR10 Day" seeing how its March 10th. That means that Nintendo and everyone else will be celebrating Mario throughout the day, so expect to see more special announcements like this one and even some deals on games to commemorate the holiday.


Another partnership between Nintendo and a different brand was announced a week ago. Nintendo and Levi's shared a tweet that showed the two companies were teaming up to apparently put Mario on some denim in some way. We haven't seen the results of that partnership yet despite it being teased a week ago, but if we were going to see more on it, MAR10 Day would be the day to hear about it.