A Haunting 'Brawl' Is About to Blow Up On Nintendo Switch

Brawl may be available now for the Nintendo Switch, but don't mistake it for your run of the mill [...]

(Photo: Qubic Games/Bloober Team USA)

Brawl may be available now for the Nintendo Switch, but don't mistake it for your run of the mill wholesome family game. This Rated M title does exactly as it in perfectly gruesome ways, all while exploiting your greatest childhood fears. In very plain terms: it's a whole lot of fun.

First released last summer for PC and PlayStation, Brawl puts players in control of some really messed up-looking characters, and throws them into a competitive arena where the goals are as complicated as the characters trying to reach them -- in a good way, of course. A good, really messed up way.

Here's a briefer for anyone who hasn't gotten their hands on the game yet:

BRAWL is an arena game that combines the best of oldschool arcade classics with contemporary mechanics. If you think you know this type of gameplay, think again! We've added a deep layer of tactics to a classic genre, which will make you want to improve your skills and show everyone that you're not the one to mess with. Each character has a unique set of skills that help them dominate the match. Prove your worth and challenge your friends today!

Bomb your way through eight campaigns, one for each of the characters. Brush up your skills in the Tutorial and show who's boss in the online and local multiplayer! There are various modes for you to choose from, starting with the Arena (Free For All for four players) and Duel (one on one) modes, through Sumo (push your opponents out from the stage), Color Domination (paint the most of the stage in your color), up to Classic (no skills, only powerups) and Team Deathmatch. There are also Challenge modes (Horde, Sheep), if you want to test your skills against the never-ending swarms of enemies, all in all giving you countless hours of nonstop gaming fun.

Dare you enter the Emporium?!
You think you have a choice? You're amusing I must say… Here take a bomb, it'll lighten the mood.

Brawl is available now for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.