Nintendo Switch Leak May Have Just Spoiled Some Big Upcoming Surprises

A Nintendo Switch leak may have just spoiled some big upcoming surprises Nintendo has for 2021. [...]

A Nintendo Switch leak may have just spoiled some big upcoming surprises Nintendo has for 2021. Back in December, a prominent Nintendo leaker tweeted out "happy 2021" accompanied by images of five series: Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Splatoon, and Pokemon. Fast forward a couple of months, and now it looks like there was something to this tease, which in turn means it may spoil a few surprises Nintendo was planning for this year.

Earlier this month, Nintendo surprised Splatoon players with the announcement of Splatoon 3, roughly 18 months after saying the third game in the series wasn't in development. Suffice to say, it came as a big surprise for many, and wasn't on the predictions list of many 2021 bingo cards.

Today, Nintendo announced remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. Now, when the aforementioned insider -- PH Brazil -- made that tweet they used an image of Pokemon Diamond for Pokemon.

Of course, Nintendo also provided an update on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 this month, and it looks like the game may end up releasing this year as well. Now, this was an obvious prediction, as was Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes given all the rumors and leaks pointing to their existence. What wasn't an obvious prediction was more Splatoon.

That context provided, the remaining two series from the initial tease that we haven't seen are Metroid and Fire Emblem. However, at this point, it looks increasingly safe to bet on seeing both of these IP before the year is over. How both will rear their head, remains to be seen, but if they do, they will be some of the bigger Nintendo moments of the year.

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