Splatoon 3 Announced for Nintendo Switch

Today's Nintendo Direct presentation concluded with a first look at Splatoon 3 for Nintendo [...]

Today's Nintendo Direct presentation concluded with a first look at Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch! Slated to release in 2022, the game's debut trailer features a desert location, known as the Splatlands. There, the player's Inkling can be customized before hopping on a train to a new city named Splatsville. The city looks quite a bit bigger than Inkopolis, and significantly busier. From there, Nintendo also showcased a new arena, and what appears to be some new weapons that will appear in the sequel! Unfortunately, further details for Splatoon 3 have not been revealed, and fans will likely have to wait a bit longer to find out more.

The trailer for Splatoon 3 can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The Splatoon franchise has been one of the biggest success stories to come from the Wii U era. While the Wii U system performed poorly for Nintendo, Splatoon quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The game inspired a plethora of merchandise, including toys, comics, keychains, and more. Splatoon 2 released on Nintendo Switch in 2017, selling more than 11 million copies, making it one of the biggest games on the platform. The game saw strong support from Nintendo via updates and Splatfest competitions, but those have mostly dropped off over the last two years. Of course, now fans know that it was likely a result of this new game being in development!

It will be interesting to see how Splatoon 3 sets itself apart from its predecessor! Nintendo is already promising new moves, weapons, and locations. The trailer looks quite a bit different from previous Splatoon games, offering what appears to be a big change from the first two games. Time will tell just how different this new series entry will be, but fans should be happy to know that the future of the series is currently in development!

Pre-orders for Splatoon 3 are live here at Best Buy for $59.99.

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