Nintendo Switch Online May Gain New NES and SNES Games Very Soon

A new rumor has hinted that Nintendo Switch Online is going to gain some new NES and SNES titles later this week. On a routine basis, Nintendo has slowly been adding new games to its Switch Online service for those who are subscribed to the platform. And while these new games that are added to Switch Online often come without warning from Nintendo, it looks like we may have just learned ahead of time when the next wave of titles will be showing up. 

Noted by Twitter account @NinStatusBot, Nintendo is planning to perform some new maintenance for Nintendo Switch Online in the coming day. This maintenance will specifically be taking place tomorrow on March 31st starting around 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT. Specifically, the work that is said to be done with Switch Online is said to involve the aspect of the service that involves NES and SNES games. As such, this maintenance could be done as a way of adding new titles for users to play. 

If Nintendo Switch Online does receive new games in the coming day, this would actually make sense for a number of reasons. To start, whenever Switch Online does gain new titles, these games often end up being added to the service on a Thursday. Additionally, the platform also hasn't received any new games in a couple of weeks, which means that it's about time for Nintendo to add a couple of new offerings to the library.

Of course, even if Switch Online is getting new games this week, we won't know what the new lineup of titles is going to be until Nintendo makes such an announcement. As such, stay tuned to our coverage here on as we'll be sure to update you if Nintendo does happen to say anything on this matter in the next day. 

What NES and SNES games would you like to see added to Nintendo Switch Online next? Is there any specific Nintendo game that you've been hoping to see land on the service? Let me know either down in the comments section or you can reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.