Nintendo Switch Online Adds Rewind Feature

Nintendo has added a new Rewind feature to its collection of Nintendo Switch Online games that allows players to roll back time if they've done something they didn't want to do. These classic Nintendo games are full of pitfalls like Piranha Plants and other obstacles waiting to trip players up, but with this new feature, you can just undo any mistake that you've fallen victim to and go about your merry way.

The Rewind feature was added to the Nintendo Switch Online library on Wednesday and works with any game that makes up the Nintendo Entertainment System collection. To show how it works, Nintendo provided the video below that shows a few players finding themselves in undesired predicaments. By using the Rewind feature, it pulls up a few moments in time at the bottom of the screen that players can cycle through. Selecting one of these will warp players back to that point in the game before you lost a life in a Mario game or tossed a pill down in an unintended way.

Some people, naturally, aren't thrilled at the prospect of being able to rewind an old Nintendo game back to a desired point. Replies to the tweet were peppered with the occasional response that said the feature wasn't needed or that people had things too easy nowadays, but we did at least get to see one meme surface in a relevant way. There were also replies that referenced a problem concerning Joy-Con drift that's been bubbling within the Nintendo Switch community for a while now and is just recently starting to attract more attention.

News of the Rewind feature follows a related announcement from Nintendo that several new games were added to the NES collection. Both Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 3 were added to the library, each of those playable now for anyone who is a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber.


Both of these new games and the Rewind feature are now available for Nintendo Switch Online users.