Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Reportedly Reveals New Details

A new Nintendo Switch leak has reportedly shed some light on the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, [...]

A new Nintendo Switch leak has reportedly shed some light on the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, which has, and continues to be, billed as a technically upgraded Switch to close the gap between the current Switch and the imminent next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Previous rumors and leaks have suggested the console will have 4K capabilities and an improved battery, and it looks like Nintendo could be poised to add to this with an improved screen.

According to Japanese outlet Economic Daily News, the Nintendo Switch Pro will come packing a Mini-LED display made by Taiwanese panel manufacturer Innolux Corporation. The report -- relayed by Nintendo Life -- continues by alleging that Nintendo recently visited the manufacturer. Why is this notable? Well, because it already has a screen supplier in the form of JDI and Sharp. However, it looks like Nintendo may be changing partners as part of a move to an improved LED screen.

Currently, the Switch boasts a backlit 720p LCD screen. It was pretty dated tech when it released, and it's even more dated now, but Nintendo went with it to keep costs down. However, it looks like it's, at the very least, contemplating going with a better and more expensive screen for its better and more expensive Switch.

That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt. While it's interesting that Nintendo would visit Innolux Corporation, it doesn't mean the visit materialized into an actual business deal, and of course, assuming the report is true in the first place.

At the moment of publishing, neither Nintendo nor Innolux Corporation have commented on this new rumor, and it's unlikely either well. Typically, companies -- and especially Nintendo -- do not comment on rumors, reports, leaks, or anything of the unofficial and speculative variety. However, if either party does provide a statement, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

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