Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date and Price Predicted By Analyst

According to one of the industry's leading analysts, Nintendo will release a Nintendo Switch Pro this year. Of course, this is nothing more than a prediction, but according to said analyst, there's little to no doubt it's going to happen. The prediction comes way of Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based game industry consultancy, Kantan Games.

"There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will launch a 'Switch Pro' in 2020, My guess is at $399," said Toto while speaking to Games Industry. "More specifically, I predict 4K support, bigger cartridge sizes, and of course beefed-up components."

As you may know, for 2019, Toto predicted we would see both the Nintendo Switch Pro and Lite. Obviously, he was only 50 percent right. We got the Nintendo Switch Lite in September, but we still haven't gotten a Nintendo Switch Pro, and there's been little evidence that suggests Nintendo is developing a supped up Nintendo Switch.

That said, it probably is. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X coming out this year, the Nintendo Switch will be very, very far behind power and feature wise. In other words, unless Nintendo wants the Switch to only be a indie and Nintendo first-party machine, it will need to release a more powerful Switch.

"I also think the device will launch after the summer holidays to counter the roll-out of the PS5 and next-gen Xbox later in the year - along with a first-party, system-seller game," added Toto.


Interestingly Toto also predicts the love affair between Nintendo and Microsoft will continue, with more games from the latter coming to the aforementioned console of the former. And while on the topic of Nintendo, Toto also notes he believes Nintendo will have a killer game on mobile this year as well.

"At the time of writing, Nintendo still hasn't announced what comes after Mario Kart Tour for smart devices," said Toto. "The follow-up must be a big name, so I expect another hit franchise from the company to land on mobile in 2020, i.e. a Zelda app or Smash Bros (don't laugh) co-developed with a new partner. Next year should also see the release of the first Nintendo apps in mainland China."