Nintendo Switch Sells Over 32 Million Units Worldwide

A lot of information has been coming out of Nintendo’s most recent earnings report, but there’s a particularly startling figure that indicates the company is back when it comes to selling powerhouse hardware.

Nintendo Switch

After the Wii U faltered years ago with only just a little over 12 million units sold in lifetime sales, the Nintendo Switch has come surging like a rocket onto the market. Based on the report numbers, the system has already sold through 32.27 million units as of December 31, 2018, setting an unprecedented record for only being on the market just under two years.

In that time frame, during the later three months of last year, the system managed to clear out 9.41 million Switch units in itself, making it a huge holiday hit.

For good measure, Nintendo also reported that software sales reached 52.51 million units sold for that same time frame, including its best-selling fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

That said, Nintendo expects a pretty good year for 2019 behind such games as Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3, among other games; but it recently made a slight adjustment to projected system sales. According to them, instead of expecting 20 million consoles shipped for the next fiscal year, it’s only expecting 17 million to be shipped. Granted, that should be just enough to put the system over 50 million units sold lifetime by the time its third year on the market comes to a close.

That number comes from what the Nintendo Switch sold last year, having cleared out 17.79 million units in its initial fiscal year.

While that may seem like a lack of confidence, keep in mind that Nintendo has big plans for this year, including a proposed redesign of the Switch in a smaller and more affordable model, as well as a lineup of games that could easily expand once the Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around, since it should have a big lineup in tow.


Congrats to Nintendo on scoring big numbers with the Switch! We can’t wait to see what comes next for it.

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