No Man's Sky Adds the Normandy Starship From Mass Effect

To coincide with the recent launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare's iconic spacefaring [...]

To coincide with the recent launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare's iconic spacefaring franchise has now crossed over with another popular sci-fi game. That game specifically is No Man's Sky, which is the popular exploration and survival title which first launched back in 2016. While the crossover between the two isn't a drastic one, it's absolutely cool if you're both franchises.

To coincide with the ongoing Beachhead Expedition in No Man's Sky, the Normandy SR1, which is the main ship seen in the original Mass Effect, has now appeared in-game. The addition of the Normandy is something that fans have been speculating about for a bit and it makes an appearance at the conclusion of the latest questline in the game. Best of all, players are able to add the Normandy to their own fleet in No Man's Sky, although they don't have long to do so. If you complete the Beachhead Expedition prior to next week on May 31, you'll be able to acquire the Normandy for yourself.

Speaking more broadly to this crossover as a whole, the team at Hello Games said it's ecstatic to have Mass Effect represented in No Man's Sky. "We are thrilled and flattered that BioWare and EA let us pay tribute in this way. As huge fans of the series, it's a lovely moment for sci-fi fans," said studio head Sean Murray in a new blog post announcing this update. "Like everyone else we've been rediscovering the amazing universe of Mass Effect through the release of the Legendary Edition. I still have chills every time I see this incredibly iconic ship warping in, and was delighted to see so many people have the same reaction."

If you want to try to snag the Normandy for yourself before it's gone, you can currently look to play No Man's Sky on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. In addition, if you're itching to play more Mass Effect, the Legendary Edition is now available to purchase as well. Conversely, you can also check out our review of the newly remastered collection right here if you'd like to hear our own thoughts on the package.