Overwatch 2 Season 3 Events, Price Changes Offer Players More Legendary Skins

Blizzard has addressed more than once Overwatch 2 players' concerns about seasonal rewards, how players acquire skins, and what sorts of skins are released in terms of new ones vs. returning cosmetics. In a preview of what's to come in Season 3, the Overwatch 2 team laid out some of the plans regarding legendary cosmetics, the rarest kind of skin outside of the new Mythic cosmetics. Thanks to some events that are in the works as well as some price changes planned for legendary skins, players should find themselves with one or two legendary cosmetics in their collections next season.

One of these legendary skins to be acquired will come from a Season 3 event, though Blizzard hasn't said yet what that event will be. What we do know, however, is that it'll offer players a new skin, not just one that was released in a previous Overwatch event and may already be in Overwatch 2 players' inventories What's more, Season 4's events will offer additional rewards.

"We are working to offer rewards that are new for all players more consistently," Blizzard said. "In Season 3, one of our new events will offer players an all-new legendary skin. And starting in Season 4, our goal is to offer new items as rewards for most of our big events."

Part two of the push to put more legendary cosmetics in players' collections is the return of Overwatch Credits. These will be added to the battle pass with players able to earn a total of 1,500 credits by progressing through the free version of the pass. Coinciding with that is the decision to reduce the prices of legendary skins down to 1,500 Overwatch Credits or Overwatch Coins. That means that you'll be able to get at lease one legendary skin per season if you make it through the battle pass, and if there's one from Overwatch that you never got to acquire before, you'll be happy to hear that Blizzard plans to make all of these epic and legendary-tier cosmetics buyable in the store regardless of the time of year.

"This includes skins from the seasonal event modes, so now you can finally pick up Witch Mercy, Surf 'N' Splash Torbjörn, or Snowman Wrecking Ball any time of the year without waiting for the event to roll around!" the post explained.

Those wanting to buy legendary skins this way will of course only be able to do so if they hold onto all the Overwatch Credits they earn which might be easier said than done seeing how Blizzard plans to add "more uses for your Credits so you can choose from many potential rewards."

Overwatch 2 Season 3 begins soon, so expect to see more details on the next event and further plans for skins when that season gets underway.