Overwatch Gets Incredible 'Avengers Infinity War'-Style Trailer

If you're an Overwatch fan, than no doubt you've seen and consumed every second of media out [...]

If you're an Overwatch fan, than no doubt you've seen and consumed every second of media out there. Every character trailer, every origin story, every event trailer... You've seen them all, and nothing surprises you anymore. Until today. YouTuber "Shamballa" has crafted this intense "Rise Again" Overwatch trailer in the style of Avengers Infinity War, and we don't care how many Overwatch trailers you've seen; this one is going to give you goosebumps! Watch above.

This really doesn't play out like your typical fan trailer. This looks like it could have been edited by a professional. All of the scenes build and escalate perfectly with the music, and the ending chords blasting out with the Overwatch logo fading into view legitimately gave us chills. This is some awesome editing work!

If you find yourself trying to trace any kind of narrative thread throughout the trailer, we wouldn't bother. Overwatch has been celebrated for its movie-quality cinematics and for some of its storytelling, but the truth is that we've yet to ironed out a set narrative after all of this time. As more character trailers and origin stories emerge, conflicting details emerge as well, and fans have had issues pointing to the key moments and people which might form of canonical foundation for the game.

Be that as it may, the open-ended approach to this game's storytelling has been a boon, and not a hindrance. It allows fans to create their own stories and their own relationships between characters. Blizzard has offered many frameworks to work within, and players' imaginations get to do the rest, which is a lot of fun. Playing with Overwatch characters now is kind of like the way we used to play with action figures in the bathtub as kids. Ninja Turtles would end up colliding with Batman. We know both of their stories, but why they were together, surrounded by water, was left up to our imaginations. It's a neat kind of creative freedom.

Let us know what you thought about the trailer in the comments below! How does it stack up to the actual Avengers Infinity War trailers in your opinion? How does it stack up to the official Overwatch trailers, for that matter?!