'Overwatch's' Mei Is a Bug-Ridden Cesspool, Here's Why

Mei is a character in the hit FPS from Blizzard that you either love her or hate her in the world of Overwatch. The deceptively adorable hero is actually really sweet but oh boy is she bugged. And it's not just us being bitter against that damned ice wall - she actually is bugged and we have proof!

The proof comes way of the game's subreddit from user 'Rubenburgt'. He outlines six key bugs that are currently affecting the player and alters how she actually plays, versus how she is supposed to.

The first bug he mentioned is that the Cryo-Freeze "doesn't use favor-the-player unlike other invulnerability abilities in the game, causing Mei to be killable in her Iceblock." He even supplied video proof, which can be seen here.

Another bug mentioned is the fact of teleportation when players first go up on that annoying Ice Wall. A good example of this can be seen in the streaming clip below:

Probably the most annoying one for those that choose to main as Ice Satan is the fact that her Ult can be stuck and then delayed, which potentially could end up wasting the entire power move:

And then there's the issue of Freeze particles going through walls. This glitch makes walls effectively ineffective, which completely messes with its function in a match and provides an unfair advantage for those playing as Mei.

By far the most character-breaking one though is the ability to cancel out Mei's Freeze ability by Reindhardt's Earthshatter. No, not enemy Rein, friendly Rein, which makes no sense and actually sabatoges two good Ults that go together perfectly.

Another bug mentioned is that the Ice Wall placement isn't always as functional as it should be, taking the control out of the player's hands. A nicely placed Ice Wall really can turn the tides of a match, so a critical error in placement could make or break a play.


Blizzard has known that Mei is in need of a few work-ups for quite some time now but maybe with this thread gaining so much traction with actual visual proof, the issues can be pinpointed with more precision.

Want to see if you can spot these bugs for yourself? Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Good luck!