Owlboy Creator Presents His Idea For a Chrono Trigger Sequel

You may recall that we reviewed the phenomenal Owlboy for Nintendo Switch earlier this year, [...]

You may recall that we reviewed the phenomenal Owlboy for Nintendo Switch earlier this year, saying it captured a great deal of imagination in its side-scrolling setting. If you're a fan of that game, then you no doubt may have heard of its creator, Simon S. Andersen. Well, he's gone and created something that's just as good, if not better. If only it were real…

Andersen recently released a trailer for what he believes could be his dream sequel to the 16-bit classic SNES adventure Chrono Trigger, under the name Chrono Break. He actually took about a year to put the little project together, with the trailer for it showcasing some classic 16-bit style action. You can watch it above.

It's excellent stuff -- and makes us yearn for it to be a real game. Alas, Andersen had to remind us on Twitter that it was not. "What you're about to see does not exist. It is not endorsed, licensed or under development. I make game sequel mockups for fun, and after planning to do this for years, I finally convinced myself to bring this to life. Enjoy," he explained.

He then went into more detail behind this fantasy trailer's creation. When a fan asked how he was able to put everything together, he explained, "Just a lot of recording and tweaking. I had the whole thing planned out in my head from the start, so that made it easier."

Then he was asked how he was able to program it into a well-running game engine. Andersen said, "I essentially built a mini game in a game engine, then programmed it to behave in a way that would be pleasing to film. Then cut it together."

It's very convincing work, and has us wondering if Andersen should take his pitch to Square Enix. Seriously, this is something that could easily bring lots of attention to the franchise. Now we just need to see if he'd be on board to make it for real. We'd totally be down to make this reality.

Owlboy is available now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.