Persona 1 and 2 Remakes Are Reportedly Incoming

The first two Persona games could be getting the remake treatment.

A reputable insider has said that remakes of both the original Persona and Persona 2 are going to be arriving in the future. Earlier this year, developer Atlus ended up releasing a remake of Persona 3 which it dubbed Persona 3 Reload. Generally speaking, P3R was quite well-received and opened the door for Atlus to continue bringing back older entries in the series in this same manner. Now, new word has come about that says Atlus will be doing exactly this in the years to follow. 

In a recent message shared on social media, an insider that goes by the name Midori said that Persona and Persona 2 "are going to receive remakes too." They went on to specify in a follow-up message that these new versions of P1 and P2 might not be full remakes, but they will be released in an "updated form". Given how accurate Midori has been in the past when it comes to info tied to Sega and Atlus, this scoop carries quite a bit of weight with it. 

The curious thing about Persona 2 being remade, in particular, is that this entry in the franchise is actually part of a duology. The first game in the pair, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, arrived in 1999 on the PS1 and was later followed by Persona 2: Eternal Punishment in 2000. Both entries technically make up the entire Persona 2 experience, so it's not known if Atlus would look to remake both as part of a single package or if instead only one game would get the remake treatment. 

In addition to Persona and Persona 2, previous reports have claimed that Atlus is also looking to remake Persona 4. Although details are still spotty, it's assumed that this remake would be much more in line with what Atlus recently did with Persona 3 Reload. As for Atlus itself, the Japanese developer and publisher has yet to confirm that any of these games tied to Persona are in the pipeline. In the near term, the studio is gearing up to release Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance this summer which will be followed by Metaphor: ReFantazio in the back half of 2024.