PewDiePie Makes Fun of Ninja's 'Fortnite' Flossing Fail

The well-known YouTuber PewDiePie took aim at Ninja’s New Year’s Eve event in his latest video, an event where the Fortnite streamer unsuccessfully tried to get people in Times Square to do the popular dance.

Ninja helped host a New Year’s Eve event where he played Fortnite to bring in the new year, but he also at one point asked those attending the event to floss with him. Whether it was because of the cold, the rain, not knowing how to do the dance, or just not wanting to, Ninja didn’t get many people involved in the attempt. A few people tried, but it was clear the attendees weren’t feeling like flossing.

PewDiePie addressed the fail in his newest video titled “Genius needs to be stopped!” which took a look at different videos from Genius, specifically one which featured Backpack Kid, the Instagram star known for popularizing the flossing dance. Ninja came into the picture when PewDiePie noticed Backpack Kid mention a Guinness World Record attempt at getting the most people to floss in one location. After hearing that, PewDiePie joked in the video at the top that Ninja’s flossing attempt made more sense now.

“Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it?” PewDiePie said after hearing that. “Didn’t he just said that they were trying to get a million people to do the floss in New York City?”

A clip of Ninja’s attempt then played before PewDiePie laughed and said the failed flossing attempt must’ve been an attempt to set a new record.

“Imagine trying to break a world record by trying to get a million people to do something,” he said. “This just brings whole new meaning to this whole thing.


“This is how bad ideas come to mind, when you try and steal some other person’s idea that doesn’t make any sense.”

Whether it was indeed a world record attempt or just an impromptu challenge to the people attending the Times Square event, Ninja appears to have taken the failed attempt in stride by commenting on it shortly after the attendees shunned his flossing advances. Ninja tweeted about the incident and advised anyone against trying to get a million people to floss in the rain on New Year’s.