PewDiePie Announces Another YouTube Break, Reveals Why

After taking a break from daily streams back in 2020, 31-year-old streamer Felix "PewDiePie" Kjeliberg is set to step away from his channel once again this year. PewDiePie can usually be found online every single day, but he's now stepping away for a little bit to reset and catch some rest. The streamer has been dropping hints about another vacation for quite a while now, but he made things official on Friday.

PewDiePie posted a new message to his channel on YouTube, confirming that he officially heading on vacation. As he explained during a stream earlier this year, every other job in the world gets holidays and vacations, so he needs to do the same as a content creator.

"I forgot to mention a few things," PewDiePie wrote in the post. "1. I'm taking some time off to chill, epic. 2. We managed to donate over 900,000 USD to charities through Meber and Donation revenue from streams since starting this year! Proud to say thanks to you guys we can make an impact on the world!"

While the official announcement of his break came on Friday, PewDiePie mentioned during his Minecraft stream on Wednesday that the vacation was on the horizon.

"I might not stream for a while either, just to take some full time off, and come back fully charged. So I'll be offline for a week, two weeks, maybe three weeks. I don't know. I know it's kind of a ball-buster to end here, but I don't really take breaks and I feel like I just need it. So…" he said.


Last time PewDiePie took a break, he stepped away from January 15, 2020 and returned on February 21st. That sabbatical lasted for about 37 days in total. While PewDiePie hasn't revealed exactly how long this one will last, a month seems to be about the longest he would stay away. His comments on January 6th tend to support that.

Are you disappointed to see PewDiePie step away from his daily streams? How long do you think he'll stay away? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!