PewDiePie Shocks Followers With Insane Body Transformation

If you're a fan of Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg's, you've likely noticed that the streamer and YouTube personality has undergone a major change that has left many people speechless. If you're unaware, PewDiePie has been working out and now he looks totally swole. It's a shocking change that many fans weren't expecting to see, but this is the kind of glow up that should leave even PewDiePie's biggest detractors impressed.

Taking to Instagram, PewDiePie showed off his results so far, and they reveal a complete transformation, which explains why the post is getting so much attention. In fact, at the moment of publishing, it has nearly 3.5 million likes in roughly 10 hours and a seemingly endless amount of comments.

So, how did PewDiePie achieve this type of transformation? Well, the YouTuber has explained that for one he quit drinking soda and focused on what he was consuming. Improving this, he then added a ton more protein to his diet and dropped alcohol while he was at it. And of course, he's been working out.

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As expected, the post isn't just going viral on Instagram. It's been all over Twitter, Reddit, and other social media and forum sites.


Of course, one of the hardest parts about getting ripped is maintaining it. For now, it remains to be seen if PewDiePie will be able to maintain this incredible physique, but even if he doesn't, you can't downplay the impressiveness of the transformation.

That said, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two or 26 letting us know what you think. Where were you when you first found out PewDiePie is ripped?