Phasmophobia Will Get Rebalanced Difficulties and Scarier Ghosts

If you've thought Phasmophobia's scares have worn off or the game's been feeling a bit too easy, the game's developers have some plans in mind that you'll want to keep an eye on. Kinetic Games conducted a Q&A recently through Discord and covered a number of different topics pertaining to the game including difficulty and the scare factor of the different ghosts. The developer said it plans to rebalance all three of the game's difficulty levels and wants to make each of the ghosts scarier in their own unique ways.

The Q&A was done only through Discord and was publicized afterwards on Twitter and other social media platforms for those who didn't have questions but just wanted to see answers. For those who don't do Discord or don't want to go through the hassle of joining another channel just to see answers, the developers shared a screenshot of the parts of the Q&A pertaining to game development itself.

Within that summary of the questions and answers were comments about difficulty, scariness, and other topics of importance to Phasmophobia players.

"We're planning to do a large overhaul and re-balance of the 3 difficulty modes in the near future," Kinetic Games said when asked what the plans were to cater to those who've "mastered" the game. "We want to make sure the game gets harder in fun ways, instead of the ghost just being able to hunt more."

As for the ghost hunts themselves, players have seen new ghosts added in the past to keep things fresh and keep encounters scary.


"Yes! We want to make each ghost scarier in their own way, we have plans to add 'themed horror' to make each encounter different from the last," said the developers when asked about adding more personality to each of the ghosts. "Each ghost could have its own set of 'scares' and have its own kill animation/death room to match."

When these features will be added wasn't said, but the Q&A provides a suitable window into the plans for Phasmophobia's future. Some ideas were essentially shot down, however, such as the prospect of adding alternate game modes. Kinetic Games said it intends to keep Phasmophobia a co-op ghost-hunting game and would prefer to add to core gameplay as opposed to changing up that formula too much.