Phasmophobia Teases Two New Ghost Types

Two new ghost types are coming to the Phasmophobia beta according to the game’s developer [...]

Two new ghost types are coming to the Phasmophobia beta according to the game's developer Kinetic Games. The creators teased the addition of these ghosts first on the game's Trello board that tracks upcoming features and known bugs before publicizing it more on social media for those who understandably don't check the board frequently. Joining the game soon are the "Yokai" and "Hantu" ghosts, and while we don't yet know what those will look like, we know some of the most important details about them.

The relevant information about the ghosts was found in the Trello board over in the far-right section detailing what's coming in the game's next beta update. Several cards exist in that section now, two of them pertaining to new ghosts with one each for the Yokai and the Hantu. Kinetic Games directed players that way by highlighting the names of the cards and their subjects on social media this week.

If you head over to the Trello board yourself and click on the cards, you'll learn more about the plans for the ghosts. We've done that for you to save some time with the information about each supernatural creature found below to prep players for what's coming in the next beta update.


  • A Yokai is a common type of ghost that is attracted to human voices. They can usually be found haunting family homes.
  • Unique Strengths: Talking near a Yokai will anger it and increase it's chance of attacking.
  • Weaknesses: When hunting a Yokai can only hear voices close to it.
  • Evidence: Spirit Box, Ghost Orb and Ghost Writing.


  • A Hantu is a rare ghost that can be found in hot climates. They are known to attack often during cold weather.
  • Unique Strengths: Lower temperatures can cause the Hantu to move at faster speeds.
  • Weaknesses: A Hantu will move slower in warmer areas.
  • Evidence: Fingerprints, Ghost Orb and Ghost Writing.

Since the ghosts are coming to the game's beta version next, that means that it'll be a while longer before they get their full release since they'll have to be tested on the beta and then will have to go through whatever adjustments are needed afterwards. You'll get to see how the work even if you're not in the beta from the videos others share, however, and there's a good chance we'll see them highlighted by the developers more in the meantime.