Rumor: Platinum Games Is Working On Two Mystery Nintendo Switch Games

There’s no question that Platinum Games has become one of the biggest developers over the past [...]

There's no question that Platinum Games has become one of the biggest developers over the past few years, bringing us the Bayonetta games along with classics like Vanquish, The Wonderful 101 and more. But there might be more where that came from, as a new report suggests that they have three projects in the works for Nintendo Switch.

Platinum Games

A report from Nintendo Insider has indicated that Leaky Pandy, who serves as a group devoted to gaming and entertainment industry news and rumors, has noted that not only is Platinum Games working on the Switch, but Hideki Kamiya, the famed director of various games (including the Bayonetta entries), is behind all three.

Now, one has been confirmed to be the third chapter in the Bayonetta series, which was revealed late last year and is still without a release date. However, the other two games are a mystery. You can see the note from Leaky Pandy below:

"PlatinumGames has two more games for Switch beside Bayonetta 3... [Hideki] Kamiya is credited in all three of them. Both Bayonetta 3 [and] a second game target 2019."

Now, of course, considering it's just a source on Twitter, we can only take this rumor with a grain of salt. But the idea that Bayonetta 3, along with one of these mystery games, could drop next year is a neat thought, as it would add to Nintendo's growing list of must-have titles.

With that, we can't help but wonder...what are these games? Well, some fans believe that The Wonderful 101, which originally released on the Wii U and found a huge cult following, could be making a comeback with a port. As for the second, it's anyone's guess, but we wouldn't mind the chance to take Vanquish on the go with us, since it's such a badass action game. Alas, we have to wait and see if Sega gives the go-ahead, or if Nintendo picks up the rights as they did for Bayonetta. We'll have to see what happens.

Nintendo does have something to announce at The Game Awards next month, so who knows. It might just have a Platinum-themed bombshell for us, along with Metroid Prime 4 gameplay. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, you can check out the Bayonetta 2 pack for Nintendo Switch now.