This Tiny PlayStation 4 Controller Is Now Available

A kid-friendly PlayStation 4 controller is now available that swaps out some features of the traditional DualShock 4 controller for the convenience of a smaller size.

Hori created the Mini Wired Gamepad specifically for younger gamers in mind while keeping all of the core parts of the typical controller so as not to restrict what you can do with the controller. You’ll notice that the touch pad on the DualShock 4 is nowhere to be found on the Mini Wired Gamepad, but you scan still mimic some of the functions of the touchpad by using other buttons.

“The Mini Wired Gamepad provides the essential functions to play most PS4 games while still providing a great gaming experience — that includes the right and left sticks, R1/L1/R2/L2 buttons, directional buttons, and action buttons,” an announcement from the PlayStation Blog explained back in October. “Certain touch pad inputs can be simulated via the left or right sticks.”

Some other features besides the touchpad also won’t be found on the controller. The light bar, headset j ack, speaker, vibration, and motion control features are all absent from the Mini Wired Gamepad, so while your young gamer won’t be able to enjoy those luxuries, you at least won’t have to worry about the controller dying mid-game. It comes with a 10-foot cable for a plug-and-play experience, something that might be a help or a hindrance depending on what your gaming setup and preferences look like.


In the same post from October that explained the details of the controller when it was revealed, it was announced that the controller was planned to be released around the holidays. That release has now come just in time for everyone to start buying their gaming gifts, and a new trailer for the controller was also uploaded to the PlayStation YouTube channel alongside the release.

The Mini Wired Gamepad from Hori is only $29.99, and you can find one in a store near you or pick one up online by visiting the product page.