PlayStation 5 Price Potentially Revealed by New Store Listing

A listing for the PlayStation 5 has appeared online to show Sony’s next console touting quite [...]

A listing for the PlayStation 5 has appeared online to show Sony's next console touting quite the price tag, but there are some questions about how authentic the price will be based on some inconsistencies with the listing and what people already know about the next-gen console. This listing appeared on Amazon UK and claimed the console would cost £599.99 for a version of the PlayStation 5 that came with 2TB of storage. That listing has already been taken down, but not before others were able to screenshot it and mull over the idea of the PlayStation 5 having that kind of a price tag attached to it.

The listing was publicized and discussed on where people pointed out that it was indeed a dummy listing and apparently a placeholder for the real thing. It's got the PlayStation 5 listed under Sony's items for £599.99, and someone was even able to put in a order even though that purchase will likely get canceled.

We've seen listings and pre-order offers go up for the PlayStation 5 in the past to sometimes point at how much the price would be, and like those other potential reveals, there are some concerns with the authenticity of this price. For one, Amazon listings are not always indicative of real products even if the listings look like they're legit as we've seen in the past

Another point that's been raised is that we only know of an 825GB version of the PlayStation 5 at this time with no details about any sort of 2TB version. Others within the thread discussing the deal pointed out that there was also a version of the console touting 1TB of storage listed which similarly said it'd cost £599.99. Whether the console could go as high as £599.99 is one discussion to be had, but there's no way the PlayStation 5 would go for that price for versions that offered different levels of storage.

All this goes to say that we can't be for sure yet if this listing for the PlayStation 5 is actually a good representation of how much it'll cost, but it's not a particularly outlandish one either. It's been theorized that the PlayStation 5 will be a pricy console, and £599.99 certainly fits that guess.

Sony has rescheduled its PlayStation 5 event to take place this week on June 11th, so perhaps we'll see then how much this new console will cost.