Sony's PlayStation 5 Has Some "Surprising Features"

The PlayStation 5 has already been seen sporting a surprising design compared to the Xbox Series X [...]

The PlayStation 5 has already been seen sporting a surprising design compared to the Xbox Series X and how past consoles have been designed, but it appears it's also hiding some "surprising features" most people haven't seen yet. Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal showcased in the video above revealed the sleek, modern design and was supplemented afterwards with comments from a Sony executive who's been able to see the console in-person. Eric Lempel, the head of global marketing and consumer experience at PlayStation, commented on these features the PlayStation 5 sports and said the console is "gorgeous" and that it's "a marvel."

Lempel commented on the PlayStation 5's design during an Official PlayStation Podcast interview. He recounted his first experience with the PlayStation 5 during a design meeting where he said the console took his breath away. Everyone was able to see the console during the PlayStation 5 presentation, but it sounds like there are more features we haven't seen yet.

"And while I think everybody got a good view today, with all the shots you saw in the show," Lempel said. "When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features. It's just something to look at. It's gorgeous, it's just a marvel. I think people are going to love having in their home, it's something they'll want to show off."

It wasn't specified what these "surprising features" might pertain to, but Sony said in its buildup to the PlayStation 5 event that it'd have more to share on the console in the coming weeks and months until it launches.

Lempel continued to say the console was something totally different from what Sony's done in the past and has an overarching theme representing what Sony hopes people find in the games they play on the PlayStation 5.

"It's a really neat design," he continued. "It's a departure from anything we've done before, but something really special. And really, the overarching theme here is that this is the piece of hardware that really represents the expansive worlds that you're going to jump into when you use PlayStation 5."

A second PlayStation 5 console was also revealed at the event alongside the base one. It's called the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, and it comes without a disc drive. Lempel said it's "essentially the same product" aside from that difference with no change in power or other features.

Sony's PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are scheduled to release during Holiday 2020.