PlayStation Network Is Down With All Services Affected


UPDATE: It appears that the PlayStation Network issues have been resolved. Maintenance is still scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 9 p.m. CT.

The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing some issues that have brought down the online system across all platforms with multiple services affected by the outage.

No maintenance was expected to take place early Sunday morning, but a notification that appears whenever most players try to log into the online PlayStation service says that it’s currently undergoing maintenance. There was a scheduled maintenance session for the PSN to take place later on, but with the planned maintenance period scheduled for Tuesday, it doesn’t appear as though this outage is related to the upcoming work.

With the online service going down early during Sunday morning, it’s not exactly the most devastating time for the online outage, all of that depending on how quickly PlayStation can get the service back up and running. There’s no timeframe for how long it might take at the moment, however.

Over on the PSN’s status page that keeps track of any issues involving the system’s various services, it seems that each facet of PSN is indeed experiencing issues. Below are all of the specific areas experiencing problems along with a brief description of what all is down in each of the categories. Each corner of PSN says that they have their team working on it to get it back up and running, but none of the services have been updated to reflect ongoing progress yet.

  • Account Management
    • You may have some difficulty signing in or creating an account on PlayStation Network.
  • Gaming & Social
    • You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features.
  • PlayStation Store
    • You may have some difficulty accessing features and products on the PlayStation Store.
  • PlayStation Now
    • You may have some difficulty streaming PlayStation Now games.
  • PlayStation Vue
    • You may have some difficulty accessing some channels and features in PlayStation Vue.



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