Free PlayStation Plus Games for November Revealed

PlayStation announced its selection of free PlayStation Plus games on Wednesday that subscribers will be able to pick up throughout November. The two games are Outlast 2 and Nioh, one of them a sequel to the hit game released previously and the other a starting point for what’s to come in Nioh 2. They come from two very different genres where one is a survival horror game and the other is a combat-focused adventure infused with mythological elements.

Sony revealed the two games that’ll be free in November with a post on the PlayStation Blog to confirm them. Each of the games will be available starting on November 5th, so they’ll be in players’ collections in less than a week.

If you’ve been keeping up with all the talk about Nioh 2, the next game from Team Ninja that’s due out in 2020, you may be wondering how you ever missed out on Nioh if you didn’t play that one before. November is your chance to remedy that problem when this game is added to set you up for when the sequel releases.

Nioh is a visceral, action-driven adventure where you must hone your skills, upgrade your weapons and demonstrate perseverance and mastery in besting some of ancient Japan’s fiercest demons,” PlayStation’s post about the free games said. “Travel to the blood-soaked Sengoku period and take on the role of an embattled outsider as you fight to liberate a guardian spirit from the clutches of a power-hungry sorcerer.”

It's also definitely worth noting that there’s an open beta for Nioh 2 releasing on November 1st, so if you’re already interested in the game or think you might be, you can pick up both by November 5th to have a side-by-side comparison.

Outlast 2 probably would’ve been a better game for October given how it’s entirely focused on trying to keep sane while avoiding a cult, but it’s better late than never. The sequel builds on the survival horror experience created in Outlast and has more of an emphasis on evasion and tactics as opposed to mowing down enemies like you might find in other horror games.


“Immerse yourself in a desperate fight for survival in an isolated rural community as you attempt to rescue your kidnapped wife from the clutches of a deranged cult,” a preview of the game said. “Having narrowly escaped death in a helicopter crash, set out into the rundown village of Temple Gate and do your best to avoid its crazed inhabitants as you fight to locate your partner.”

These two games will be available for PlayStation Plus users to download starting on November 5th until they’re replaced by two more free games on December 3rd.