PlayStation Plus Quietly Adds New Day-One Release to Game Catalog

A new game from EA has just dropped on PS Plus.

A new game has today hit the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog, which is available to those at the Extra and Premium tiers of the service. Most of the time, when Sony adds new titles to the PS Plus Game Catalog, it does so in a single drop at the midway point of each month. For April, however, this hasn't proven to be true as a new game has today arrived to coincide with its worldwide release. 

As of today, PlayStation Plus subscribers can check out Tales of Kenzera: Zau. This new release from Electronic Arts and developer Surgent Studios is a Metroidvania title that was initially revealed at the end of 2023. Sony revealed earlier this month that Tales of Kenzera: Zau would be hitting PS Plus immediately upon its arrival on April 23. Because all of the other Game Catalog additions were let loose this past week, though, it led to Tales of Kenzera joining PS Plus a bit later than the rest. 

For the most part, Tales of Kenzera: Zau seems to have been well-received so far. Over on Metacritic, the game is sitting in the high 70s based on reviews of the PS5 iteration. While this doesn't put Tales of Kenzera in the running to be one of the best-reviewed games of 2024, it has garnered enough praise to where it might be worth downloading if you happen to be subscribed to PS Plus Extra or Premium. 

To learn more about Tales of Kenzera: Zau and whether or not it might be for you, you can check out the game's official launch trailer and synopsis below. 

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

"A grieving boy begins to read a Bantu tale written by his late father. Adventure into the beautiful and treacherous lands of Kenzera as Zau, a young shaman who bargains with the God of death to bring his Baba back from darkness. With your cosmic powers and untried courage, you advance into unknown mythological lands. Once bursting with life, Kenzera is now rife with lost ancestral spirits. As Zau advances toward his goal, three mighty beings lie in wait, fearsome in their strength yet somehow strangely familiar. Will you embrace the dance of the shaman?

Embark on a poignant single-player story shaped by actor Abubakar Salim's own experience with grief, discovering how love gives us the courage to press on after devastating loss. Wield powers from the Sun and the Moon to defeat restless spirits in rhythmic combat and become a worthy Nganga: a spiritual healer. Discover a rich universe with untold lore of chaos & order and journey through mystical 2.5D realms awash with color and depth, emboldened by multi-award-winning composer Nainita Desai's enchanting original score."