PS5: Parents Find Brilliant Hiding Place for Console Christmas Present

The PlayStation 5 was easily one of the hottest items this holiday season, and a number of parents [...]

The PlayStation 5 was easily one of the hottest items this holiday season, and a number of parents worked overtime to secure the console as a Christmas present. Given the effort that most had to go through, parents can hardly be blamed for working overtime to make sure that the secret was kept well-hidden. Reddit user bbbbbbbbbb99 shared an image of the perfect hiding spot for the PS5: on the bottom shelf of the dishwasher, as most teens aren't the best at actually opening the appliance up to put dishes away! Of course, as some Reddit users were quick to point out, that could backfire, should the dishwasher somehow get turned on!

The original Reddit post can be found embedded below.

We know the teenage kids will never find it in here. from r/funny

With the holiday season starting to wind down, it will be interesting to see what impact it will have on demand for the PS5 console. Following the system's release in November, PS5 units became a difficult item to track down. On the secondary market, the console commanded more than double its MSRP, which has likely been exacerbated by the use of bots. Demand for the console was so high this year, it even resulted in one of Saturday Night Live's best skits of the season, about a fan obsessively writing Santa to ask for the console. Clearly, the system has become something of a cultural phenomenon over the last couple of months!

While some parents and fans were able to get the system without too much difficulty, others can hardly be blamed for holding off on purchasing a PS5 until after the holidays. After all, some of the best games on the system can be purchased on PS4, as well. System shortages are very common around launch, particularly given the fact that most consoles tend to launch around November. Back in October, Sony announced its plans to ship 7.6 million PS5 consoles worldwide by March, 2021. If the company hopes to hit that ambitious sales figure, it will need to make consoles more readily available, which will mean more opportunities for fans to snag one.

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