PlayStation Is Showing Off PS VR2 at GDC

Sony has its new PlayStation VR2 headset and peripherals at GDC this week and is apparently showing off the setup to people during demos, according to some anecdotes shared online. This showing comes just a few months after the new PlayStation VR device was officially announced by Sony, though no release date was given at the time and still has not been given to date. At least one GDC presentation featuring the PS VR2 has been listed on the event's schedule, too, so it seems like these individual demos aren't the only appearances the VR device will make.

Chet Faliszek, the CEO and co-founder of developer Stray Bombay which released The Anacrusis earlier this year, tweeted this week about a demo involving the PS VR2 while hyping up the experience. Faliszek previously worked at Valve with part of that time spent working on virtual reality projects through the HTC Vive. No other details were shared in the social post, however, so there's no telling what, exactly, was shown beyond the PS VR2 device itself.

Over on the schedule for various GDC events taking place throughout the duration of the conference, there's at least one that references the PS VR2 and is presented by Unity. That's supposed to take place on Thursday, and while it's not one hosted by Sony and is about the PS VR2 as well as Unity, it'll at least feature the new virtual reality device and is "geared towards console and VR developers looking to develop for PlayStation VR2."

"PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) promises improved graphics performance and cutting-edge hardware that allows you to create immersive virtual worlds for your players," a preview of this GDC event said. "This session explores how Unity's VR tech stack can help you build better VR titles. Learn how to use the Unity Platform and graphics tools to build stunning PlayStation VR2 experiences and optimize your projects' performance."

Not long ago, Sony launched a sign-up site connected to the PS VR2 so that people could stay up to date on all the information regarding the device. We're still waiting on that release date, but in the meantime, we've got other VR games like Moss: Book II to look forward to which are releasing much sooner.