Sony Has $10 Billion to Spend on Acquisitions

Last week, Sony revealed its intention to purchase Bungie for $3.6 billion dollars. Following the announcement, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan revealed that Sony isn't finished, and plans to acquire more companies in the near future. According to numbers shared by TweakTown, Sony previously allocated 2 trillion yen (around $17.4 billion) for "strategic investments, acquisitions and buyouts, and share repurchases." Following Sony's new third quarter financial results, we now know that 850 billion yen (about $7.4 billion) has been spent. That leaves the company with about $10 billion in funds specifically allocated to use for acquisitions.

Unfortunately, it remains a mystery exactly how Sony plans on spending that money! It's fun to speculate about what the future might hold, but the lack of leaks ahead of the Bungie purchase proved that these types of deals tend to remain quiet until an official announcement is made. As such, PlayStation fans are just going to have to wait patiently to see what Sony has planned for the future.

Sony's financial results confirm much of what has been said over the last week by Sony: Bungie will continue to release its games on other platforms. Destiny will become a Sony-owned IP, however, and Bungie will help PlayStation Studios launch new live-service games. Sony aims for 10 of these games to launch by March 2026, which seems fairly ambitious, considering the company tends to focus predominantly on single-player experiences.

Acquisitions are becoming a major defining element of this console generation, following Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda last year, and its planned purchase of Activision Blizzard in summer 2023. It's unclear whether Microsoft will continue seeking out new acquisitions, as Sony is, but it's clear that both companies are looking for ways to expand their platforms in a number of different ways. Some gamers are notably concerned about what this could do for competition and the overall industry, but hopefully it will yield positive results for everyone!

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