PlayStation VR2 Leak Reveals First Official Image of the Headset

An accidental leak from one video game developer has now given us our first official look at Sony's forthcoming PlayStation VR2 device. In a general sense, Sony itself has already shown us what the headset and its accompanying controllers will look like, but in-person pictures of the hardware have yet to appear. Luckily, this developer in question seems to have spilled the beans a bit early before quickly trying to scrub the image off of the internet. 

Posted on social media recently, studio Bit Planet Games, which has primarily worked on the Ultrawing series, shared a picture of a PlayStation VR2 and its controllers. The image in question featured the PS VR2 headset, a pair of controller, and the wire that seemingly tethers the hardware to a PlayStation 5 console. Outside of marketing images that have been released by Sony, this marks the first time that we've actually seen PlayStation VR2 in the wild. Unfortunately, it seems like Bit Planet Games may have not been at liberty to share this picture. Not long after the post went live, the studio deleted the tweet that featured PS VR2. Of course, that didn't prevent many people from saving the pic for themselves before the post was taken down.

In a general sense, this post from Bit Planet Games verifies that the final version of PlayStation VR2 may be complete and is in the hands of many developers around the globe. And while this was already somewhat assumed, it may indicate that more details about the release of the device could be coming shortly. 

PlayStation VR2 still doesn't have a launch date of any sort just yet, but some previous reports and leaks have suggested that the hardware will arrive in 2023. Whenever PS VR2 does release, the next-gen virtual reality device will only be compatible with Sony's PlayStation 5 console. 

Are you interested in trying out PS VR2 for yourself when it launches? Or are you still simply trying to get your hands on a PS5 console? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.