PlayStation VR2 Reveals New Features Ahead of Release

Sony has today revealed new details related to PlayStation VR2 prior to the headset's release in the future. At this point in time, Sony hasn't committed to a specific launch window of any sort for PS VR2, which has led to fans asking numerous questions about when the platform could arrive. Luckily, it seems like that window is rapidly approaching as Sony is now unveiling new information about the device as we continue on "the road to launch."

Divulged in a new post on the PlayStation Blog, new bits of info tied to the user experience of PlayStation VR2 were outlined. Of these features, one of the most notable that Sony revealed involved being able to see your surroundings while still wearing the headset. Rather than needing to slip PS VR2 off your face to check your own play space, the hardware allows you to view what's around you thanks to the use of built-in cameras on the front of the headset. 

In addition to this, Sony also revealed that PlayStation VR2 will be able to use these aforementioned cameras to scan your surroundings and create a unique play space. Rather than needing to play all PS VR 2 games within a predetermined play area, you'll instead be able to customize your space to make it that much more accessible. 

Lastly, PlayStation VR2 will also contain two different modes for use. VR mode will allow you to play games designed specifically for the headset, while cinematic mode will let you play PS5 games and view the system menu on a theater-like screen. This is something that the last PlayStation VR headset also featured, but it seems like both modes will be even better on this follow-up hardware. 

Again, PlayStation VR2 doesn't have a release window of any sort just yet, but it seems likely that the device will become available at some point in 2022. When it does arrive, it will solely be compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles. 

Do you continue to be excited about PlayStation VR2 the more that you hear about it? And will you be looking to buy the headset for yourself whenever it does release? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.